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blood & circumstance

From Booklist
A study in family dysfunction, this intense crime novel is told mainly through a series of interviews with prisoner Joel Stabler, who is being examined by a psychiatrist charged with determining whether Joel is fit to stand trial for murdering his brother. As Joel reveals the bleak circumstances under which he was raised by an ineffectual mother and a violent, mentally ill father, the highly observant prisoner also examines the doctor, gleaning information about his marital state and his evaluation notes. Highly intelligent, Joel tells a convincing story of being forced into the role of family caregiver at a very young age. According to Joel, his brother suffered all of his life from untreated bipolar disorder, and his murder was a mercy killing. But in the deftly executed conclusion of this unusual novel, everything Joel has spoken about is called into question. This is a chilling story full of unexpected twists and turns.


After reading hundreds of books, trying to find the perfect fit for my first feature film I came upon blood and circumstance after reading another book (THE GOD FILE) by the same author. I instantly saw it is a great film and a chance for actors to really shine. It also fit the indie film model in that it was a fairly contained story that could be made on a small budget. I got the book to Wes Sullivan, who will co-direct and co produce the film with me and he also really liked it. Over the next few months we set out to make outlines of the story, contact the author and make a deal. After a weekend trip to Alabama to hash out all our ideas with the author we were on are way and a few months later has secured the film option. Now the real work begins.


Wes and I have finished the second draft of the screenplay and are very happy with it. We are in the middle of draft three and hope to be done by the end of the year. We have a NY Casting Director on board and are in the process of bringing on a experienced producer for the film. As soon as the next draft of the script is done we will begin the casting process. Meanwhile we are scouting locations and preparing a shooting schedule for next year.